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Working with young people

Adolescence can be a difficult time for any young person. Your body and brain are rapidly changing , and the world we live in is constantly throwing up new challenges. There are many reasons why you may want to come to counselling; anxiety, neurodiversity, family changes, transitions, climate anxiety, identity, the impact of covid, academic pressuresocial media, self-harm, being just a few.

Counselling can help support you through these challenges. It's a way to explore what is happening to your brain and body when they struggle with anxiety or panic attacks, and it offers a space to get to know yourself better.


In our sessions we may work creatively with the sand tray, art or reflective writing. We can explore negative thinking patterns and unhelpful coping mechanisms that may be making you feel stuck, and together we can

help you find strategies and develop tools to support yourself.

teenager creative counselling
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